Hi parents!

I have been in contact with health officials, including the county health department. They told me that because we have less than 50 people in our studio at one time, we can remain open and still have classes. This is subject to change at any time, however, right now we are going to keep having classes.  

With that said, we ask that any one who is showing any signs of being sick stay home. You can contact Miss Nicole to go over procedure for missing classes. Attached are the posters I have been sent to put up around the studio. Feel free to go over these with your dancers to help prevent spread as well. 

We are also doing a thorough cleaning every night after classes. This includes sanitation of our floors, chairs, toys, and all door handles. We always sanitize our dance barres before classes each day, however we will be limiting use of barres for the next few weeks. Gymnastics classes use bars every other week. These are sanitized as well, but we will be wiping them down in between each persons use. If you would rather not use bars in gymnastics for the time being, just let Miss Jessica know and she will keep you learning other things! We are going to avoid holding hands or any other contact in all classes. This may be harder in our age 2-4 classes but all teachers will be washing hands in between classes and using hand sanitizer whenever contact with students is necessary. 

As always, the health and well being of our students is our number one priority! We are doing everything in our power to make sure we follow guidelines and are in contact with the right people to keep preventing spread. We will close our doors if we see it being necessary or if we are advised to by health officials, so please keep an eye on Facebook and your email just in case. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Miss Nicole 

Live 2 Dance Studio & Gymnastics