Hi parents,

Gov. Bullock has issued a phased reopening of Montana! We unfortunately cannot open during phase 1. When phase 2 has been initiated, we will be reopening right away!

We would like to continue all dance classes as they were before we had to close. We would like to continue that schedule for at least a month to get ready for recital!! We may have to go longer depending on dates I can get for recital, also keeping in mind that we cannot do our recital until phase 3! Picture day will also be scheduled after we reopen, based on when all our costumes finally come in (some were delayed because of the shutdown). Summer dance classes will be put on hold until we can officially finish our fall season! We do not want all our dancer’s hard work to go to waste, or for the parent’s efforts in this season to go to waste either, so we will be having our recital to finish off our season! Thank you all for your understanding in this difficult time!

Tumbling and Gymnastic classes will change to summer schedule on June 8th. If we open before that date, our fall schedule will continue as normal! You can find our summer schedule on our website (live2dancestudio.com). We ask that you do register for the summer classes so that we have an idea of how many kids will be stopping for the summer or continuing to take classes through the summer! There will be no registration fee for continuing students.

We can’t wait to see all of our students again!! We are impatiently awaiting the day we see phase 2 can begin!

Thanks to all our amazing students and their parents for working with us and understanding during this time! We love teaching your children!

Hoping everyone is healthy,

Miss Nicole and Miss Jessica