Reminder – Pictures are this Saturday, May 4th, at Live 2 Dance Studio! The Picture schedule is attached to your emails, posted in a previous post below, is on the recital page of this website, is on facebook, and is posted on the bulletin board at the studio!

If you cannot attend pictures please let me know ahead of time if you haven’t already. Also if you would still like pictures but cannot make it, you can call Photo Solutions (406-781-8618) and set up a make-up picture time. She also gives the option for photo shop if you’d still like to be a part of the group picture!

All Class Group Photo’s go on the wall at the studio so please be there for pictures even if you do not want to buy pictures!

We try our best to stick to the schedule so please try to be slightly early with hair and make-up done before you arrive. We do have changing rooms and large bathrooms if you do need to change costumes or get dressed at the studio. If you rip your tights, we do have extras for $6.00. We have lots of extra t-shirts to borrow or buy for tumblers and gymnasts so that we can get pictures of you too!! Below is all the information for hair and make-up:

                HAIR:                    All hair pulled up into a high bun, no bangs.  Slick bangs back with a combination of hair gel, water and hairspray or braid bangs into bun.

                MAKEUP:             All performers will need to wear stage makeup.  The suggested colors are:                 EYES:  Lavender/violet    BLUSH:  rose      MASCARA:  black            LIPS:  rose

                CLEAR NAIL POLISH!!  No jewelry, rings, earring, necklaces, watches or hair accessories.

Dancers— your costumes all come with a costume note in your bag of accessories. This tells you how to do your hair and make-up. It has extra information about wearing your costumes for recital and it tells you which accessories go with each dance.

Please let me know if you have any questions. so excited!!!