October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Let’s wear pink to class as often as we can!

Moscow Ballet Nutcracker auditions are October 2nd starting at 4:30 with registration!

Fee’s for t-shirts and tickets for the Harlem Globetrotter Half Time performance are due October 12th. Tickets are $19.00, T-shirts are $10.00. If you need more than 2 tickets, just let us know!

We will be doing Halloween dancing and tumbling on Thursday, October 25th, Friday, October 26th, Monday, October 29th, Tuesday, October 30th, and Wednesday, October 31st! You may wear Halloween-themed clothing over your leotard as long as you can move freely. Please, NO COSTUMES. They could get ruined. ☹

DANCERS ONLY: The non-refundable costume deposit of $25 PER COSTUME is due Friday, October 26th. If you are signed up for recurring payments, the costume deposit will go through on October 26th. If you don’t want this to happen just let me know. Also, if you decide to pay with check or cash before this date, no worries, you will not be charged twice.

Always be sure to wear a leotard to class! Without a leotard, dancers and tumblers will be unable to fully participate in class. Also, for dancers, I will be measuring for costumes this month, and I can’t measure without a leotard on.