Aspire Fundraising  (sells just about everything)


    Aspire Fundraiser/Harlem Globetrotters—2018

    September 10th to September 24th

    Sales begin Monday, September 10th.

    Packets will be handed out during classes. You may pick up a packet any day of the week in between classes as well.

    All order forms and payment must be returned to Miss Nicole by 8:00pm on Monday, September 24th.

    Orders must be paid in advance with cash or

    checks payable to Live 2 Dance Studio.


    Your student will be credited 40% of everything sold!

    Orders should arrive approximately 4 weeks after the order is placed.

    Harlem Globetrotter Halftime performance!!  (November 14th)

    • All Dancers, Gymnasts, and Tumblers are included in this performance! They want the court to be filled!!
    • We get our tickets for $19.00 which is a discounted price!
    • All students will sit together in our reserved seats. Parents are invited as well!
    • We will get studio t-shirts as our costume for this performance so that we look unified. They are $10.
    • The aspire fundraiser CAN pay for everything!!!
      • Sell $120.00 and your student’s ticket, t-shirt, and 1 parents ticket are paid for!
      • Sell more and either get more tickets or put the profit towards tuition!!


    We will have 2 more fundraisers to help pay for tuition and costumes!