We are looking into options for the 2020 recital. We will not be able to have an indoor recital until phase 3 of the phased reopening of the economy due to rules placed by the state and health officials. We are, however able to perform an outdoor recital during phase 2 due to having adequate social distancing and open air. If we did an outdoor recital it would be within a month to month in a half from now. Our overall goal Is the health and safety of parents, volunteers, staff, and students. We would like your opinion on how to move forward in this unforeseen circumstance. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We look forward to having the 2020 recital for all the kiddos and parents that have worked so hard throughout the year.

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We like to plan an annual dance recital. This is a wonderful experience and a great performance opportunity! The dance concert is optional; however, it finishes the work the students have put in throughout the year. Rehearsal is scheduled for Friday, May 15th at West Elementary School and the recital is scheduled for Saturday May 16th at West Elementary School. There is a $40 recital fee per family due in April. You may bring as many guests as you like.

COSTUME INFORMATION –details are with your costume

HAIR: All hair pulled up to a BUN, no bangs. Slick bangs back with a combination of hair gel, water and hairspray. Bangs can be braided into hair to keep them back. Hair nets can be used to secure buns.

MAKEUP: All performers will need to wear stage makeup. The suggested colors are: EYES: Lavender/violet BLUSH: rose MASCARA: black LIPS: rose CLEAR NAIL POLISH!! No jewelry, rings, earrings, necklaces, watches or hair accessories except costume accessories.

Our recital is scheduled for Saturday, May 16th at West Elementary School @ 5:00 p.m. Admission is free. . Dancers need to arrive no later than 4:40 pm. Pre-tap and 5 year old classes don’t need to be there until Intermission scheduled for 6:00 pm. Please be there no later that 5:40 pm –come in your first costume–hair and makeup ready to go–wear cover-up over costume–meet in your dressing room. Audience seating is general admission. The house opens at 4:30 p.m. Parking is on the streets near the auditorium. Carpool if possible. We have a nice auditorium with bad parking. You can drop off guests at the West entrance, which also serves as the handicapped entrance.

*There will be no entry at the door facing the playground. (Our backstage door)

*Dancers will stay backstage with their class through the entire recital.

*Please send a quiet project with your child.

*If you send snacks with your child, please make sure it is nothing that can make a mess (NO POPCORN).

*We will have an encore number after the finale to safely get the dancers back to their dressing rooms. Please stay seated in the auditorium until after that performance, and then send one adult to pick up the dancer backstage. We are trying to reduce traffic backstage after the show!

*Put your name on your shoes, costume and accessories.

*Pictures are scheduled early to make sure everyone gets their pictures before recital. This year pictures will be on April 25th. Schedule to come…

*Please, no flash photography at the rehearsal or recital. It is dangerous for the dancers.

*During the recital if you need to enter or exit the auditorium, please do so between numbers. Please pass this information to your guests before the dance concert.

*DVD’s ($35) will be for sale at the studio, the rehearsal and at the dance concert. Order forms at the studio.

*Please, double knot your dance shoes if you have ties.

*Remember, no underwear—tights only, please.

*If you don’t have buckle tap shoes, please have elastic in tap shoes.

*Tap and jazz shoes should be black. Ballet shoes should be pink.

*Costume and tuition balances must be paid in full by 5/15/20 before the dancer will be allowed to participate in the recital.


Please come in your costume with hair and makeup done, then proceed to the stage where we will run your number several times. If you have another dance, you will change into that costume and repeat the procedure. If you only have one number you may leave after your stage rehearsal or stay and watch. Please arrive at  rehearsal on time. We run a tight schedule and wouldn’t want to have you miss out on practicing on the stage-we usually run ahead of schedule. The rehearsal schedule is as follows:

Schedule to come…