Due to the State of Emergency, we do now have to close for one week. We will be closed starting tomorrow, March 20th through Friday March 27th. We are going to attempt to re-open and have classes again starting Monday, March 30th. Please keep an eye out on your emails or Facebook just in case that changes.Thank you all for understanding! I can’t wait until we can have classes again!

In the meantime…I am going to send everyone their music for each dance via email! That way your dancers can still practice their dances!  I am also in the process of figuring out how to get videos of each dance out in order to help kids learn the parts they don’t know or don’t remember. We did put an ending on almost every dance this week, so if you missed class, the video’s will teach any parts kids didn’t know before this week as well. If kids have any questions, you can always message me the questions or put them in a video and I will answer with a video that will help! If nothing else, please remember to stretch with warmed up muscles (meaning run in place, or do some plie’s and other exercises first) while we are not having dance! 

Miss Jessica would like gymnastics and tumbling students to stretch with warmed up muscles as well (meaning run in place or do jumping jacks first). You can also practice safe non spotting moves while on break; like hand stands, cartwheels, and back bends. 

We hope to see you all sooner rather than later! Thanks!

Miss Nicole