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January Reminders!

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*Classes return on January 4th!!

*We were supposed to have a fundraiser in November and it fell through so I apologize. We are going to try to get two more done still but they will be back to back to make up for November. You do not have to participate. A percentage of the money you raise goes towards your costumes or tuition.

  • Butter braids will start January 4th and be due back January 15th.
  • Cookie Dough will start January 18th and be due January 29th.

* There is no school on the 15th, however we will still have class!

*Costume balance is due January 29th for dancers!

We Love teaching your children!!!

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December Reminders

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Viewing week for dancers only will be December 7th through 11th! Adults only please. Please be prepared to take off your shoes and wear your masks. We are still going to try to social distance as much as possible while still giving the option to view classes. We apologize greatly, this just isn’t possible in our gym yet, but we are working on different options!

Christmas dancing/tumbling will be the week of December 14th through 18th.  You may wear holiday-themed clothing over your leotard as long as you can move freely.

We will be closed December 21st to January 1st.  Class resumes on January 4th.

Last month for the penny war! Age 9-11 is currently winning!

Merry Christmas to the best parents and students.  Have a wonderful holiday season.  We LOVE teaching your children! 

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November Reminders

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1.      Dancers- Your non-refundable costume deposit was due Oct. 23rd!  I will be sending out emails with all costume information by the end of November!   

2.      We will be closed Wednesday the 25th, Thursday the 26th, and Friday the 27th for Thanksgiving Break.

3.      We will be doing a Penny War all of November and December!! This is a fundraiser to help our competition students with warmups and a poster. Each age group has their own jar for coins (3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-13, and teens).  Pennies and dollars add points to the jar, while all silver coins subtract coins from other jars. At the end of December, the winning age group gets a party!

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October Reminders

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  • We will be closed Thursday, October 15th, and Friday, October 16th for a school holiday.
  • We will be doing Halloween dancing and tumbling on Monday, October 26th, through Friday, Oct 30th. You may wear Halloween-themed clothing over your leotard as long as you can move freely.  Please, NO COSTUMES. They could get ruined.☹
  • Dancers only – The non-refundable costume deposit of $25 PER COSTUME is due Friday, October 23rd. If you are signed up for recurring payments, the costume deposit will go through on October 23rd. If you don’t want this to happen just let me know. Also, if you decide to pay with check or cash before this date, no worries, you will not be charged twice.
  • Always be sure to wear a leotard to class! Without a leotard, dancers and tumblers will be unable to fully participate in class.
  • If you participated in our 1st holiday fundraiser, be sure to watch your emails and/or Facebook to know when your orders are ready for pick up! (Credit has been added to your accounts and will show for October tuition and/or costume deposit. If you would like your credit to go only towards tuition or only towards costume, just let me know).

We Love Teaching Your Children!!


September Reminders

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(I send out reminders at the beginning of each month.  They are also posted on our website, on our bulletin board, and on Facebook!)

Welcome!! Dance begins the week of August 31st!   

  1. If you haven’t already done so for 2020-21, please login and register for classes! We will be sending home waivers the 1st week of classes. There is a different one for gymnastics and dance, so if you are in both, you will need to fill out both. Please bring those back the following week!
  • Dancewear, gymnastics wear, and shoes will be sold the first week of classes during classes! After that, you’ll need to make arrangements outside of class.

**Remember to ALWAYS wear a leotard to class. No leo – no participation! Come to class with your hair up and out of your face. Don’t forget to use the restroom before class!

  • Please wear your masks at all times in the building. Dancers, Gymnasts, and teachers do not need to wear their masks during classes. In between classes and any time you leave the class room (unless breathing heavy from class) masks need to be worn again.
  • VIEWING week will be a little different this year. Because of social distancing, we are not able to fit all parents in the studio at the same time. For Dance Classes – viewing week for last names starting A-L will be August 31st through September 4th.  Viewing week for last names start M-Z will be September 14th through September 18th.   For Tumbling and Gymnastics classes – viewing will unfortunately have to be put on hold until further notice. We apologize greatly!
  • NO CLASS – We will be closed September 7th for Labor Day.
  • Our first Fundraiser will start September 8th! You can fundraise to make money for costumes or tuition! More information on that next week!
  • As of now, we are unsure of how the end of the year will look. I don’t have a recital date set yet but as soon as I know we will for sure have one, and I can set it with the schools, I will let everyone know!

We can’t wait to see you.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

We LOVE teaching your children!  


Open House 2020

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Our open house for 2020-21 will be August 23rd! From 12 PM to 3 PM. 

* Come register for classes!

* Meet the instructors!

* Work the gymnastics instructor to find the right class for you!

* Get all attire needed for your classes! 

* And ask any questions you might have!!

         *Bring your masks and remember social distancing! Thanks!!* 

We look forward to the new year!! WE LOVE TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN!


August Reminders

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  • We are on our last month for Summer classes. All Summer classes end August 20th.
  • Fall classes begin August 31st!
  • Summer Recital for Dancers, Gymnasts, and Tumblers!
    • Our recital is scheduled for August 21st!
      • We usually do a potluck with our summer recital to make it a little more fun and different. This year, however, we will NOT be doing the potluck.
    • Starts at 6:00 pm
    • At Gibson Park on the stage!
    • May want to bring Chairs.
  • T-Shirts!
    • Every summer we do T-shirts for our recital instead of costumes. They are $12.00.
    • These are not automatically billed. Please let an instructor know you’d like a T-shirt, and then they can either take payment or send an invoice.
  • Tuition is due the first lesson of each month.


New Seasons!

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Summer classes will start July 13th! July will be 1/2 tuition!

2020-21 Fall Registration is also open!

You can register for all classes by clicking Registration tab, and following instructions from there! Make sure to click on the correct season when registering!


Recital 2020

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It’s official!!! We have a recital date and place! 

Dance Recital 2020 will take place July 11th at CMR football field!  You could be dancing between 9 am and 2 pm. 

Rehearsal will be July 10th also at CMR football field, between 3 pm and 9 pm. 

Exact times and other details are posted under the Recital Tab!

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Miss Nicole 


Extra Picture Day!

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If you haven’t gotten pictures yet and you still want them, Our photographer will be here Thursday, June 18th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm to finish up pictures!!! After that, you will have to make special arrangements to get pictures done. After the 30th of June, pictures will be closed so we can create the group photo! 

If you haven’t yet, be sure to text Live2dance2020 to 90738 to get updates on when your photos are ready to view, along with how to purchase them! 

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