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January Reminders

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*Classes return on January 2nd!!

*Our last fundraiser is Tupperware!

     – Begins: January 15th.

     – Ends: January 27th.

* There is no school on the 15th, however we will still have class!

*Costume Fittings

Remember to wear a leotard to class each week.  Costumes will be fitted as the shipments arrive in the upcoming months. NO LEOTARD – NO FITTING


*Costume balance is due February 27th (unless you’re competition). Costume descriptions and prices will be mailed out by the end of the week!
*Recital Fee of $20/family is due April 1st.

We Love teaching your children!!!


November Reminders!

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  1. We will still be measuring for costumes this month. Please be sure to wear your leotard or we won’t be able to measure you.  Your non-refundable costume deposit was due Oct. 20th.  I have sent in the deposit to the costumer. 

  1. Visiting is the second week of November. Nov 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. VIEWING LESSONS ARE FOR ADULTS ONLY.  This will be enforced.  Please respect the adults who have made arrangements for their younger children.  If you want, you can split the class time with another mother and swap tending in the waiting room.

  1. If you participated in the Fall Fundraiser, the orders are scheduled to arrive on November 1st! You can pick up your orders during class times starting at 3:30 pm.

  1. Costume Fundraiser – La Tee Da Fundraiser

Packets available at the studio November 20th

Monday, November 20th to Friday, December 1st.  

  1. We will be closed Wednesday the 22nd, Thursday the 23rd, and Friday the 24th for Thanksgiving Break.

  1. We are doing a food drive for the month of November to help the families in need at Longfellow Elementary School! There will be a box located inside the studio to collect items! Attached is the flyer that will also be posted on the bulletin board!




October Reminders!

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  1. We will be closed Thursday, October 19th, and Friday, October 20th for a school holiday.

  1. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Let’s wear pink to class as often as we can!

  1. We will be doing Halloween dancing and tumbling on Wednesday, October 25th, Thursday, October 26th, Friday, October 27th, Monday, October 30th, and Tuesday, October 31st! You may wear Halloween-themed clothing over your leotard as long as you can move freely. Please, NO COSTUMES. They could get ruined. ☹

  1. The non-refundable costume deposit of $25 PER COSTUME is due Friday, October 20th. If you are signed up for recurring payments, the costume deposit will go through on October 20th. If you don’t want this to happen just let me know. Also, if you decide to pay with check or cash before this date, no worries, you will not be charged twice.

  1. Always be sure to wear a leotard to class! Without a leotard, dancers and tumblers will be unable to fully participate in class. Also I will be measuring for costumes this month, and I can’t measure without a leotard on.   


September Reminders

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Dance begins the week of September 4th!   

**Please register online at live2dancestudio.com. before class begins.  It is important to sign and read the policies so your child can participate in class. Be sure the school year reads 2017-18.

Dancewear and shoes will be sold the first week of classes!

**Remember to ALWAYS wear a leotard to class.

VISITING is the week of September 4th.  VIEWING LESSONS ARE FOR ADULTS ONLY.  This will be enforced.  Please respect the adults who have made arrangements for their younger children.  If you want, you can split the class time with another mother and swap tending in the waiting room.

Our first fall fundraiser is Sept. 11th to Sept. 22nd.    It is a very fun new holiday fundraiser by Aspire! You can use it to raise money for your costume deposit and/or tuition.

We will begin measuring for costumes the last week in September!

The non-refundable costume deposit of $25 PER COSTUME is due Friday October 20th.

Our annual recital is Friday, May 25th and the rehearsal is Thursday, May 24th at West Elementary.

We can’t wait to see you.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

We LOVE teaching your children!  



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Classes start September 4th!!!

The first week of classes will be viewing days! Parents can stay and watch! We ask that no one under 18 stay however. There are chairs set up in the hallway to accommodate those who wish to stay and cannot view.

We will be selling shoes and other dancewear the first week of classes! After that we will have to make arrangements outside of class to get shoes and dancewear.

Don’t forget to wear leotards, and have hair up and out of the face! Also, please no jewelry. Check out our website or feel free to ask about any other questions concerning what to wear!

September tuition is due the first week of classes, if not set up for recurring payments!

Recurring Payments go through on the 3rd of every month. Please log in to your account and make sure you’re credit card information is up to date by clicking Save Payment Detail on the left. You can sign up for recurring payments the same way!

Our holiday fundraiser starts September 11th! Order packets are handed out during classes that week. There will be another email with all other information regarding that!

Our annual recital is set to be Friday May 25th this year! Rehearsal will be Thursday May 24th. I would like to do pictures early again this year. That way we can give out pictures that were ordered by the time we have recital! I want to make sure everyone can be there, whether you order pictures or not! These pictures go up at the studio and I love seeing ALL my past students. I’m thinking May 12th for pictures. Please let me know if there are any conflicts with this date so that I can see about other options if I need to!

If there are any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


Website: live2dancestudio.com

Email: live2dancestudio@outlook.com

Facebook: Live 2 Dance Studio

Studio Phone number: (406) 952-1414


Can’t wait start classes!!!

Miss Nicole


Open House!!!

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Classes start September 4th! It’s not too late to register!!

Our Open House is Saturday, August 26th, from 11 am to 2 pm!

At the open house you can register if you haven’t already, meet teachers, and get prepared early for dance classes! 

You can get shoes and dance wear at a discount as well as win extra discounts and free accessories! 

Kids can have a dance and tumbling party with our assistant teachers!

It will be fun for all!!


We Sell Dance Wear!

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Check out our new Dance Wear Sold tab! 

It shows you everything we sell at our studio! 

Once ordered, we receive our shipments in just one week! 

We have try on sets of almost everything at the studio to make sure you get the perfect size! 

Order what you want the first week of classes or call ahead of time to have your order by the first class!