NOVEMBER REMINDERS (I send out reminders at the beginning of each month)

1.      We will still be measuring for costumes this month.  Please be sure to wear your leotard or we won’t be able to measure you.  Your non-refundable costume deposit was due Oct. 26th.  Watch for costume details to be emailed out this month!

2.      Visiting will be the 18th through 22nd of November. VIEWING LESSONS ARE FOR ADULTS ONLY.  This will be enforced.  Please respect the adults who have made arrangements for their younger children.  If you want, you can split the class time with another mother and swap tending in the waiting room.

3.      Costume Fundraiser – Holiday booklet

Packets available at the studio, we still have a few left. Fundraisers are due back November 11th!

This way we can get the orders in before Christmas!

5.      We will be closed Wednesday the 27th, Thursday the 28th, and Friday the 24th for Thanksgiving Break.

6.      ALL STUDENTS – PLEASE WEAR LEOTARDS!! This must be enforced for safety reasons (especially in tumbling classes). Students not wearing their leotards WILL NOT be able to participate in class. We do sell them here for as low as $22.00.

Let me know if you have any questions.  We LOVE teaching your children. 

Miss Nicole