Picture Reminder!

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Reminder – Pictures are this Saturday, May 4th, at Live 2 Dance Studio! The Picture schedule is attached to your emails, posted in a previous post below, is on the recital page of this website, is on facebook, and is posted on the bulletin board at the studio!

If you cannot attend pictures please let me know ahead of time if you haven’t already. Also if you would still like pictures but cannot make it, you can call Photo Solutions (406-781-8618) and set up a make-up picture time. She also gives the option for photo shop if you’d still like to be a part of the group picture!

All Class Group Photo’s go on the wall at the studio so please be there for pictures even if you do not want to buy pictures!

We try our best to stick to the schedule so please try to be slightly early with hair and make-up done before you arrive. We do have changing rooms and large bathrooms if you do need to change costumes or get dressed at the studio. If you rip your tights, we do have extras for $6.00. We have lots of extra t-shirts to borrow or buy for tumblers and gymnasts so that we can get pictures of you too!! Below is all the information for hair and make-up:

                HAIR:                    All hair pulled up into a high bun, no bangs.  Slick bangs back with a combination of hair gel, water and hairspray or braid bangs into bun.

                MAKEUP:             All performers will need to wear stage makeup.  The suggested colors are:                 EYES:  Lavender/violet    BLUSH:  rose      MASCARA:  black            LIPS:  rose

                CLEAR NAIL POLISH!!  No jewelry, rings, earring, necklaces, watches or hair accessories.

Dancers— your costumes all come with a costume note in your bag of accessories. This tells you how to do your hair and make-up. It has extra information about wearing your costumes for recital and it tells you which accessories go with each dance.

Please let me know if you have any questions. so excited!!!


Picture Schedule

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Here is the Picture Schedule for May 4th. Pictures are held at Live 2 Dance Studio. Dancer’s costumes will go home 1 week before pictures. We’d love for Tumbler and Gymnasts to wear their green t-shirts from the Harlem Globetrotter game with black pants. If you do not have the t-shirt, we still have lots left that you can either buy for $10 and keep, or just borrow for pictures!

If you choose not to buy pictures, we’d still like for you to come to pictures so that you can be a part of the group picture for our studio!

If you can not make it to picture day but would still like pictures, call Stacy (406-781-8618) at Photo Solutions to set up a make-up picture time! For $10 you can be photo shopped into the group picture as well!

9:00 Too Good (Thurs 4:00 Teen Tap)

9:05 I’m Still Standing (Mon 4:00 Tap 6-8)

9:15 Colour (Thurs 4:30 Teen Jazz)

9:20 Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes (Mon 6:30 Tap 5)

9:30 Better When I’m Dancing (Mon 4:30 Jazz 6-8)

9:40 Sign Of The Times (Thurs 5:15 Teen Ballet)

9:50 Baby Bumble Bee (Mon 7:00 Ballet 5)

10:00 How Far I’ll Go (Mon 5:15 Ballet 6-8)

10:10 What About Us (Thurs 6:00 Pre-Pointe)

10:15 Shine (Wed 5:15 Ballet 6-8)

10:20 Tiny Tots Ballet (Wed 4:00 Ballet 5)

10:25 La La La (Mon 7:30 Hip-Hop 6-8)

10:30 Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Thurs 6:30 Pointe)

10:35 On Top Of The World (Tues 4:00 Tap 9-11)

10:45 Entry Level Tumbling & Gymnastics (Tues 4:00 & Tues 5:30)

10:55 Level 1-2 Tumbling & Gymnastics (Tues 6:30 & Wed 4:00)

11:05 A Friend Like Me (Tues 4:30 Jazz 9-11)

11:15 Boogie Woogie Piggy (Mon 6:00 Pre-tap)

11:25 Level 4 Tumbling & Gymnastics (Wed 6:00)

11:30 Bright Lights Bigger City (Fri 4:30 Jazz 9-11)

11:35 Rainbow (Tues 5:15 Ballet 9-11)

11:45 Level 5 Tumbling & Gymnastics (Fri 4:00)

11:50 Beauty And The Beast (Fri 5:15 Ballet 12-13)

11:55 The Greatest Show (Tues 6:00 Hip-Hop 9-11)

Lunch Break

1:30 Honestly (solo)

1:30 Medicine (solo)

1:35 Human (solo)

1:35 Clap Your Hands (solo)

1:40 Watch Me (Wed 3:30 Boys Hip-Hop)

1:50 My New Philosophy (solo)

1:50 Champion (Courtney Solo)

1:55 Part Of Me (Wed comp duet)

2:00 Level 3 Tumbling & Gymnastics (Wed 5:00 & Thurs 4:45)

2:10 Dear Future Husband (Wed Comp Duet)

2:15 Sing (Thurs Comp Tap)

2:20 High Hopes (Wed 8:00 Duet)

2:25 Renegade (Wed comp Duet)

2:30 Dark Paradise (Fri Comp Contemporary)

2:35 Whatever It Takes (Thurs Comp Duet)

2:40 Mama I’m A Big Girl Now (Fri Comp Musical Theatre)

2:45 Run The World (Fri 6:00 Teen Hip-Hop)

2:50 Bang Bang (Sat Comp Duet)

2:55 No Roots (Thurs comp Group)

3:00 Teachers (if not done sometime before!)


April Reminders

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*Recital Fee of $20/family is due April 1st. If you have recurring payments set up, your recital fee will be charged with your tuition! (Dancers only)

*Picture Forms are due April 20th. Picture forms are pre-pay. You must have a form for each dance/class. If you do not want to order pictures, please still be at pictures so that your dancer/gymnast can be in the group photo! Pictures are for Gymnasts and Tumblers as well!!

*Costumes will go home one week before pictures! 

*Spring break is April 19th through April 26th. We will not have classes over spring break. Enjoy your Easter holiday!!

*May 4th – Pictures at Live 2 Dance Studio – please come even if you did not order pictures so that you can be in the group photo.

OTHER ACTIVITIES:  Baseball, Soccer, Music, etc.  For those dancers involved in other activities, we know it gets busy this time of the year!  You have worked very hard for this recital.  You owe it to your classmates and to yourself to finish.  Please be at class.  The last few classes are very important.  Finishing touches will be applied to the dance and minor changes will be made!  Make-up dance lessons are very hard to get at the end of our season.


February Reminders!

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*HAPPY HEARTS WEEK is Feb. 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, & 15th.

You can dress in Valentine’s attire as long as you can move freely in it and have a leotard!  Have fun decorating yourself!

*We will be closed Monday, Feb. 18th for President’s Day. *

*Costume balance is due Feb. 15th– because prices took so long to get this year, I will not be charging late fee’s until March 1st. If you have recurring payments set up, the charge will come out of your account on the due date, so please let me know if you would not like this charge to come out automatically. *   (Dancers only)

*Recital Fee of $20/family is due April 1st. If you have recurring payments set up, the charge will come out of your account on the due date. *  (Dancers only)

*Costume Fittings

Remember to wear a leotard to class each week.  Costumes will be fitted as the shipments arrive in the upcoming months. NO LEOTARD – NO FITTING   (Dancers only)

Coming Up:

VISITING is March 4th through March 8th. VIEWING LESSONS ARE FOR ADULTS ONLY.  This will be enforced.  Please respect the adults who have made arrangements for their younger children.  If you want, you can split the class time with another mother and swap tending in the waiting room.

Dates to put on your calendar:

*Pictures are scheduled for May 4th at Live 2 Dance Studio

*Rehearsal is scheduled for Friday, May 24th at West Elementary School and the Recital is scheduled for Saturday, May 25th at West Elementary School.  (Dancers only)

We love teaching your children!!


January Reminders!

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*Classes return on January 2nd!!

* There is no school on the 21st, however we will still have class!

*If you have not been receiving your monthly invoice, please check your junk mail and then let me know. Tuition is still due the 1st lesson of every month!

Dancer’s only:

*Costume Fittings

Remember to wear a leotard to class each week.  Costumes will be fitted as the shipments arrive in the upcoming months. NO LEOTARD – NO FITTING

*Costume balance is due February 15th (unless you’re competition). Costume descriptions and prices will be mailed out by the end of the week!

*Recital Fee of $20/family is due April 1st.

We Love teaching your children!!!


We Sell Dance Wear!

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Check out our new Store tab! 

It shows you everything we sell at our studio! 

Once ordered, we receive our shipments in just one week! 

We have try on sets of almost everything at the studio to make sure you get the perfect size! 

Order what you want the first week of classes or call ahead of time to have your order by the first class!